WOD: 5-21-12

Strength:  Back Squat:

1×5 70%

1×5 80%

1×2 85%

1×3 90%

1×1 100%

WOD:  For time at Tabata intervals:

50 Squat Jumps

40 Wall Balls (20/14)

30 Pull Ups

20 Over-the-Box Jumps (24/20)

10 Burpees


100%!!!  For those of you who have already moved your numbers up and hit your old 1RM for one rep or maybe two, today will be a good day.  Take those new legs out for a test drive and see what they can do.  Two things to remember today as we attempt our 100% attempt.

1)  If you had to ask someone if you went deep enough, odds are that you did not, so make sure that you do.

2)  Safety through form!

Enjoy that third digit because there is a 1000% chance you won’t come across a fourth one.

Today’s workout is delivered through Tabata style interval training.  20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest all the way through from the first Squat Jump until the last Burpee.  Though Burpees were on the menu yesterday, these 10 should not be an issue.  Note that the set of 20 are jumps OVER the box and not regular Box Jumps.  You can scale down to regular Box Jumps and just come down on the other side if necessary.

Watch the shins,



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